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Kilmainham Gaol, Kilmainham Dublin City,

To learn why Ireland is fascinated with stories and history – then it’s best to understand it’s recent past.

To help you to get to know Dublin better – our partners in Experience Gaelic Games have chosen their top three recommended places to visit while in Dublin.

So when taking a break from adventure activities- they suggest a guided tour of a jail, a cemetery and a sports stadium!   They advise not to be deterred by the unusual so here’s their insider tips for Dublin.


Kilmainham Jail

If only walls could talk ……. Then the walls of Kilmainham Jail would surely be amongst the best! When visiting the jail sometimes it feels that the spirit of the place is talking directly to you. The human stories of Kilmainham relate in different ways to each visitor – but you’d need a heart of stone not to be touched by the tales of suffering and endurance witnessed here. Feelings and emotions are almost tangible as you walk through the old cells and hear of the stories that unfolded in this special place.

Despite the menacing air in the jail this visit will not leave you downhearted – it will educate and enrich you.

After witnessing so much pain this now is a place of celebration. Kilmainham Jail is a testament to how the human spirit and quest for justice cannot be contained by any system or any walls – no matter how high. This is a uniquely Irish Story with a universal and timeless theme.

Of all places in Ireland to visit this must be our Top tip!

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Glasnevin Cemetry

Glasnevin CemetryIt may sound unusual and maybe appear a little uninteresting to recommend a cemetery visit.

However there are good reasons why  Glasnevin Cemetry and it’s tours rank so highly on Trip Advisor. A tour here is really entertaining, it’s interesting and it tells the real story of Dublin.  Your guide will tell you a host of human stories from the Cholera pit where thousands of Dubliners are buried in unmarked graves – through to the stories of Famous Irish nationalists, great international writers, patriots and sporting heroes who all share their final resting place here with over one million others.

The surroundings are beautiful and serene but the stories of those interred there will inspire, engage and entertain you.

For some, it sounds unusual to recommend a cemetery to visit on your vacation but , you are in Dublin so don’t be deterred by the unusual – this is just another surprising place that helps make Dublin such a city of stories and adventures!

While you’re there – if you have Irish Heritage it’s likely you have a relative interred here so check that out in their genealogy centre.
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Croke Park Stadium and Museum Tours

GAA Museum

So where better to introduce you to Irish Culture then by visiting our largest Sports Stadium – Croke Park.

Croke Park is more than just a sports stadium it’s home to Ireland largest Cultural organization the GAA( Gaelic Athlethic Assocaition)  It’s here that  Irelands national and indigenous sports of Hurling (a warrior stick and ball game) and Gaelic Football are played.

If you haven’t heard of our native games – don’t worry you’ll not be alone – they’re our best kept secret!  Be prepared to be wowed – games you have not heard of-  but larger live attendances then the FIFA world cup final!!  We did say don’t be deterred by the unusual!

Our members at Experience Gaelic Games explain the GAA and it’s influence best with their immersive activity –  but if you’re looking for a sedate introduction check out Croke Park Stadium Tours

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