So you say you’re part Irish? Here is a chance to connect back to that heritage by learning about the tradition of Gaelic Games.

With 34.5 million Americans claiming Irish heritage according to a US Census report, it’s no surprise many travel to Ireland at least once to experience the lifestyle of a culture they identify with.

From bouncing between pubs in Temple Bar, to touring the Guinness Factory, many fall short of the opportunity to experience another side of traditional Irish culture, learning and playing the unique Gaelic games.

All fun and games after a match of Gaelic Football!

The different Gaelic games are not just your great-great-great grandpa’s favorite past time. These games have been at the core of Irish tradition for thousands of years and still influence Irish culture today. The games vibrantly live on through competitive clubs playing across the country to Irish children growing up in the Gaelic “little leagues”. Learning these games not only makes for a fun day in Ireland, but also connects you a little more closely to the longstanding tradition of the sport.

These ladies are taking a break from the drills for a quick picture in their hurling gear!

Experience Gaelic Games seeks to share the fun and tradition of the Gaelic sports with everyone through coaching by club players. The best part is, all ages and abilities are able to learn! You get to practice the basics of three Gaelic sports: Hurling, Handball and Gaelic Football with helpful and friendly coaching along the way. At the end of each lesson, you get to put your new skills to the test by playing in a match with other people in the group with your coaches at the referees.

Nothing beats being able to learn and play games that have been so prominent in Ireland over the years. If you’re in Ireland to reconnect with old family heritage or if you just want a deeper experience of the culture of Ireland, this is your go-to! Through your lesson at Experience Gaelic Games you’ll be a part of the long-standing traditions that make Ireland so unique.