HillToptreks: The Boyne Valley Tour

Looking to leave the city and travel back in time for the day? Tour with HilltopTreks to see some of Irelands oldest and most mysterious landmarks while driving through the timeless countryside.

The tour meets centrally on O’Connell street, making the meeting point perfect for visitors staying near city centre. Then after a drive out of the city and towards the Boyne Valley, you arrive at Newgrange. This world heritage site is a passage tomb from the Stone Age, with the mastery of architecture and engineering preserved in the tomb. Walking into the tomb, it seems inconceivable that it was built with such precision 5,000 years ago.

Continuing on the tour you get to see famous sites across the valley including the Slane Castle. This estate has been used in modern times for weddings and famous concerts, even hosting an annual Metallica concerts drawing thousands of fans. Nothing beats a castle view in the green hills of Meath.

Braveheart fans get excited – the next stop on the tour is the castle that was featured in the movie. Pay a small entry fee of one euro to walk around the remains of the castle to learn the history and strategy of the construction of this historic battle station.


Exploring the Boyne Valley though these historical landmarks lets you experience history for yourself. Going back in time and stepping into what’s left of life from thousands of years ago is unlike any experience you get in the city.