Get out on the Water in Dublin with Surfdock!

Whether you’re looking for something unique to do in Dublin or you need a break from the busy city, taking to the water is always a good idea. Close to City Centre is the Grand Canal, with calm water and great views. Surfdock is located right on the water and offers activities that you can’t pass up. From standup paddle boarding to kayaking and wakeboarding, this place has it all! No need to worry about the weather either, Surfdock has wetsuits and buoyancy aids for all of the experiences. With super friendly instructors and a laid-back atmosphere, this is an amazing experience for those looking to add a little adventure into their stay in Dublin.

Here’s a little sneak peak into what Surfdock has to offer:

Standup Paddleboarding:

Standup Paddle Boarding on the canal is unbelievable. Once on the board you’re able to paddle the parameter of the canal taking in all of the views from the board. What’s really cool about the paddle boarding here is that the water is calm enough for you to really get comfortable on the board. If standing up and paddling is easy enough, your instructor might have you try a handstand or a yoga pose to really test your agility!


Take a seat in the boat to know that you’re getting a once in a lifetime experience. Kayaking in the city? It’s amazing. Whether you want to paddle around the canal and take in the sights or race your group down the canal, it’s the best time. The kayaks are also the perfect boat to learn if you’re never done it before and you want to perfect your stroke.


Love to wakeboard but don’t own a boat? You and me both! Surfdock has an installed a rope tow that mimics the boat so you can still get all of the perks of wakeboarding. Best part? It looks cool from the side of the canal too, so you’re able to wow all the spectators. This is really popular with kids, so if they are dying for something cool to do, this is it!

In addition to all of the basics, Surfdock can also accommodate different groups and different needs. If you’re more experienced at standup paddleboarding and want to take it to the coast, you can do intermediate lessons with them or rent paddleboards to go for a paddle in the Grand Canal Dock. If you’re looking to get a real work out in, Surfdock offers standup paddleboard yoga! There is everything watersports and more here at Surfdock, you will leave smiling and full of adrenaline!