Dublin Bay: Experience it from the water with Kayaking.ie

Tourists and locals alike are drawn to Dublin Bay to take in the breathtaking views, do a cliff walk or try to find the seals swimming in the bay. In Dalkey you can see the island with the old watch tower in the middle of the bay. Curious minds will see it and want to explore the island, wondering what’s left of the old post. Some see the seals playing in the water and want to get a closer look.

Whether it’s a family trip or a corporate retreat, the kayak trip is a unique experience for every group. Kayaking to the island, you see seals laying out on rocks or popping their heads out of the water to watch your group paddle by. Look straight down to see moon jelly fish floating around in the water. Experience the wildlife of the bay without even leaving the kayak! Once to the island, corporate groups celebrate and bond with a bottle of prosecco and chocolate to sweeten the trip, while families still get a little chocolate treat.


Then you’re sent off to explore the island! You might come across the herd of goats on the island or explore the remains of the watch tower. Keep your eye out for the black rabbits all over the island!

After exploring for a while, you’re ready to hop back into the kayak. Paddling back is just as fun, it feels like you’re getting a completely different view of the bay. If you decide to take the sunset tour, you’ll get the best view of it from the water. The experience is mesmerizing from start to finish with something astonishing always happening around you. Many don’t realize the presence of nature in the bay and the ability to be a part of it. Kayaking.ie offers that opportunity for you to see it up close. With a paddle in hand, you are given the chance to explore and see for yourself the surprises of Dalkey.